Original Dog Toy Ring by GoughNuts


Are you tired of your high-powered dog destroying all of his flimsy chihuahua-grade chew toys in a matter of minutes? Don’t you think that your mighty mutt is ready to upgrade to just one durable dog toy that can withstand his ferocious force? Stop throwing away your hard-earned money on chew toys that you know your dog will tear to shreds without remorse.
Thanks to Goughnuts, you have found your dog’s new favorite victim. This product from GoughNuts is a top-notch, durable fetch toy that is made in America out of 100% pure rubber and will withstand the test of time. Goughnuts Original Ring is not your “run of the mill” toy! This safe dog toy is a made of the highest quality materials and will endure the maximum jaw force of even the strongest dog. GoughNuts is renowned for continually delivering the highest quality durable dog toy, which is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty-- unlike all those other toys you keep buying and throwing away!
This product is not covered by our Unbreakoball 90 day replacement guaranty.
This product is guaranteed by GoughNuts. Contact them directly.

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