Hurley Bone Dog Toy by Westpawdesign


If you are looking for the perfect dog toy to withstand countless hours of the most zealous fetching and chewing, present your canine companion with the Westpawdesign Hurley dog toy. The Hurley offers your dog the joys of a stick, bone and ball in one tough toy. Manufactured in the United States, it is guaranteed to be durable against your dog’s enthusiastic choppers. The Hurley is made from a pliable, non-toxic material called Zogoflex. The material is buoyant, expanding the playtime possibilities for your water-loving pooch to retrieve a Hurley from the pond, stream or lake. The Hurley also bounces off of terrain and stationary structures for your dog’s catching pleasure.
Few things provide your dog with more pleasure than playtime with a few rounds of fetch. Watching your active dog happily run after the toy you toss for him again and again can be mesmerizing. It is a perfect opportunity for him to exercise, for you to unwind and for the two of you to reinforce the loving bond that you share. Next time you hurl a toy across the field, grab a durable fetch toy from Westpawdesign.
This product is not covered by our Unbreakoball 90 day replacement guaranty.

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