Extreme Maxx Black Stick Large Dog Toy by GoughNuts


If your large breed dog loves to fetch or chew sticks, GoughNuts produces a huge dog stick toy that will never break or split between your dog’s chomping teeth. The GoughNuts Extreme Maxx Stick is manufactured in the United States. It is made of natural rubber material and, like GoughNuts’ Maxx Large Dog Stick, contains the same internal red indicator layer that signals when the toy is no longer safe for chewing.
Designed for only the largest breeds and insatiable chewers, the Extreme Maxx Black Stick Large dog toy is twelve inches long and weighs over a pound. The stick bounces and floats for fetching quests on land and in water. For an extra twist on the fun, GoughNuts has designed the stick to snugly fit inside the hole of their matching sized maxx ring toy. This puzzling combination will keep your dog occupied for hours as he chews, paws and works to pull the two toys apart.
Boredom is one of the most common reasons why adult dogs engage in chewing sessions. Too often, these dogs end up destroying shoes, furniture and other inappropriate objects. By providing your dog with durable toys that are meant for chewing, you will save your footwear and alleviate his boredom. Engaging your dog with a few rounds of fetch with the GoughNuts fetch toy each day will keep him happy, reducing stress and anxiety that can also lead to destructive chewing behavior.
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