Unbreakoball Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

"Having purchased several for my own dogs, several as gifts for friends and donated about 15 to the animal shelter that my boys Were adopted from. The dogs love them and all the balls are perfect!! Thank you for a product that makes my dogs happy."

Leslie B ~ N.Y.

"I have one for each of my dogs, one of the balls we have had for 3 years now and its still their favorite toy! I have a 110 lb. American bull dog and a 65 lb. golden retriever. I have recommended this ball to everyone I know with a dog! LOVE this product!!!!!"

Miranda G.

"Best dog toy I've ever bought. Besides what my dogs have done to it I've run it over with a truck and a bobcat more then once and you cannot even tell."

James C.

"RAMBO has cracked cow bones & ripped apart Kong Tug Toy (which was advertised not to break). This Israeli War Dog is the same breed used by Seal Team 6 to get Osama. He even broke a Dog Park water fountain that's held up against Dogs for years... Rambo methodically picks apart Tires... This BIG DADDY Unbreakoball is the First Dog Toy that Rambo hasnt broken - Amazing. "

Jen S.