About us

Welcome to Unbreakoball.com ~ Made in the U.S.A. ~ Established in 2010.

We are a family run company. Our goal is to support the American Worker. Purchase and supply American Made Products and just as important, Promote Positive Bully Breed Awareness. We have owned and LOVED Pitbulls for more then 30 years. Even back in the day before all the bad publicity. It is up to us (The Pitbull Lovers) around the country to help protect this breed and educate the public. We currently have two. Unoo is a mischievous 2 year old with a ton of energy. She was is a rescue dog. Chase is the elder at 7 and does her best to keep up.
Bebe the original Unbreakoball loving pitbull was the reason we invented it. Unfortunatly she passed away in November 2015. She was the best dog and companion. R.I.P. You are Missed Every Day!