Zisc Dog Toy by Westpawdesign


Fetchers love to retrieve flying discs. The speed, flexibility and leaping capabilities of your dog never cease to astound you as he catches the disc in midair. Westpawdesign offers a flying disc that is made in the United States from Zogoflex, an earth-friendly, recyclable material that is as flexible and as tough as your dog. The Westpawdesign Zisc dog toy provides hours of flinging, flying, grabbing and shaking amusement.
The Zisc fetch disc is flexible enough that your dog can easily pick up the toy, and it can withstand the harshest headshake that your dog can inflict. The Zisc soars a respectable distance when tossed, unless your four-legged athlete catches it in midflight. The Zisc floats, enabling games of water fetch when tossed along the shoreline or flung into the backyard pool.
This dog disc is over eight inches across and weighs approximately half of a pound, making it a safe choice for any breed. Choose from bright red, orange, aqua blue, hot pink or apple green. For nighttime play after the sun goes down, opt for the glow-in-the-dark Zisc. This is an enjoyable way to get your active furry friend tuckered out before bedtime.
Zisc dog toy measures 8.5 inches across and weighs about 1/2 pound
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