6” Unbreakoball Dog Toy - Clearance Ball


Save on one of our mess ups

Not as purty but just as tough!!!

Limited supply get them before they are gone

The Original 6 inch Unbreakoball is 3 times the size of a baseball or tennis ball and weighs just under 1 pound

The Original 6" Unbreakoball is recommended for dogs between 35 - 70 pounds

This Unbreakoball is made of non-toxic high density plastic

It is very important as with any toy, make sure you supervise your dog while playing until they get used to the Unbreakoball. If you notice your dog is using both the upper and lower canine teeth at the same time you may want to go up to the next size Unbreakoball. Meaning your dog's muzzle (grasp) is too large for the 6" Unbreakoball

Never attempt to kick or hit the Unbreakoball out of your dogs mouth while they are carrying it

Unbreakoball is a Trademark of Ardwin Products LLC ~ Unbreakoball is Patent Pending


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