Bumi Dog Toy by Westpawdesign


No dog owner needs painful rope burn on their hands from playing tug-o-war with their powerful pooch-- so why are you still using old-fashioned tug toys that make it uncomfortable to challenge your dog? The innovative Bumi Dog Toy by Westpawdesign is a tug and fetch toy that that is fun for you and your dog! The Westpawdesign Bumi is available in two sizes: small (8”) and large (9.5”), and both stretch to be twice their original lengths for maximum tug-o-bility! Bumi is also super buoyant, making it the perfect toy for water-loving canines who were born to doggie paddle!
This Bumi dog toy is crafted in the USA using highly durable materials that are backed by Westpawdesign’s one-time-per-toy style replacement guarantee offered directly through the company. This is one tough tug toy that will always look like new; just throw it in the dishwasher to get it squeaky clean!
The Large Bumi measures 9.5 inches long when retracted and weighs just almost a pound
The Small Bumi measures 8 inches long when retracted and weighs over a 1/2 pound
This product is not covered by our Unbreakoball 90 day replacement guaranty.

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