Overseas Versus U.S. Made Dog Products, Treats and Dog Toys.

March 02, 2017

Overseas Versus U.S. Made Dog Products, Treats and Dog Toys.

Over the past 10 years, there has been an astronomical increase in importation of pet food from China. China first approached the USDA about poultry exports in 2003. The volume of pet food exports (regulated by the FDA) to the United States from China has grown substantially. It is estimated that nearly 85 million pounds of pet food came from China in 2011 alone. In 2004 the number was only 4.5 million pounds. Which is still a lot, but nothing compared to what is imported now days. Dog treats is one of the fastest growing industries with no signs of slowing down. Make sure to do your homework when purchasing anything for your dog. The abundance of overseas pet products dwarfs the American made goods available.

Make sure to read the tags on all dog toys before you buy. Many online and big chain stores carry a huge variety of Made in China dog toys. The cost of your dog’s health is not worth the risk.

HealthyStuff.org reported that 45% of the imported pet toys tested with hazardous levels of dangerous toxins. Veterinarians report that these toxins easily come off the toys in the tests, which is bad news for dogs who like to chew on toys. Currently here is no regulation over the pet toy industry. Laboratories testing overseas dog toys see more and more toxins on products imported from China.

Why is this a concern? Dog toy testing confirms elevated levels of lead, chromium and cadmium. Chromium a cancer producing agent that can be ingested by your pet. An increased risks for health effects for you pooch. Lead toxicity is a serious health risk for smaller dogs and can shorten a dog’s life.

Experts are advising pet owners to check the labels before purchasing and try to buy Made in the USA toys whenever possible. Your pet's life and well being may depend on it. Dangerous imported products for pets hit our shores every day. Make informed decisions before you buy. Sure you can spend less on dog toys and treats from overseas, but is the reward worth the risk?

Join the movement away from overseas dog toy and treats. Especially ones your dogs can consume. There are a hand full of reputable U.S. companies who make durable, safe dog treats and toys. Remember saving a buck is a good idea but not if it is risking the health of your beloved pet!

Buy American made dog toys whenever you can. That way you know you are getting a safe product that won't harm your dog or even family members.

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