How do YOU Know I'm a PIT BULL?

April 21, 2017

How do YOU Know I'm a PIT BULL?

With all the crazy reports of Pit Bulls in the Media there has been a firestorm of towns and cities wanting to ban them from their areas. This raises many questions. Especially for dog owners who may not even own a true Pit Bull, but something else. I get it dog bites make news. Especially if the dog is, or LOOKs like a Pit Bull. You never hear of granny's little poodle taking a bite out of a child, but it definitely happens! That doesn't make for good news. Nope, it’s got to resemble a Pit Bull in order to get front page attention. So let’s say you own a Lab Pit mix, is it a Labrador or is it a Pit Bull. Who makes the call in your town if they are legal or not. Some yahoo behind a counter that owns cats? See how screwed up that is? If the law dictates that Pit Bulls are not allowed to be owned in certain cities than who deems that they are in fact a Pit Bull. We have a Pit Bull. We also have a American Staffordshire Terrier. They look similar but are in fact different breeds. I do not want some law maker deciding which dog we can have and which we cannot. Even in our part of the world Pit Bull owners are restricted. The city has set up rules for so called "dangerous dogs". Give me a break, what is a dangerous dog? My neighbors dogs are dangerous and they are little kick dogs! They would bite my kids in a heartbeat if confronted. Out of all the different breeds above in the picture only one is a Pit Bull. The others are mixes or different breeds entirely.

So let's see I have pictured 15 different dogs most all have some of the same characteristics as Pit Bulls, stocky build, large heads, floppy jowls & short coats. Does that make them all dangerous? Does that make any of them dangerous? Nope! Only the owner can do that. So even if you are not a Pit Bull owner, but truly a dog lover you should do what you can to try to stop Breed Specific Legislation in your town, Who knows. Years from now maybe we won’t be allowed to own anything other than hamsters and cats. Let's get educated, understand the facts and make good decisions about what is right. Let's not let the voice of the minority rule our rights of ownership.

All dogs deserve equality and there owners should not have to be worried if a law will take their longtime pets away because someone has them on a "dangerous breed" list.

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