Finding the Right Dog Ball for Your Pooch

February 23, 2017 1 Comment

Finding the Right Dog Ball for Your Pooch

Dog Ball....Seems like a pretty simple concept? They have been around for who knows how long?

Dogs have played fetch with their owners since being domesticated thousands of years ago. Trying to keep toys around for your dog that are both entertaining and durable has been a challenge many pet owners has had to deal with. "Do I spend money on a cheap toy that breaks in minutes and just expect to keep replacing them? Or do I pay a ton of money for a "bullet proof" toy that is so chew proof that my dog won’t even play with it?" Over the years we here at Unbreakoball have tried to engineer a ball for dogs that is not only fun and interactive but also Virtually Indestructible. Believe us when we say years.. The Unbreakoball was 12 years in the making before we found the right combination of toughness and functionality. We didn't want to just copy the same idea as the "other guys" did. Buying a ball that your dog can only push and roll around doesn't fulfill their need to be challenged. After a while your four legged companion gets board. Any dog can push something with their nose or bat a ball around with a paw. But.. for how long? Unbreakoball has come up with a solution that will not only get your dog to engage in play with you, but also becomes an obsession for them. As with most dogs you will find they need challenging tasks to keep them attentive. Dogs are bred to be problem solvers. They love to accomplish tasks for their owners with the hopes of getting a pat on the head and a "Good Dog" from their trusted owners. The Unbreakoball gives them just that. It may take a while to become an Unbreakoball Master but once they do there is no stopping them. The Unbreakoball challenges your dog to chase and retrieve. Unlike the "other guys" you can play fetch with Unbreakoball. Once your dog learns how to spin, rotate and find just the right way to grasp the ball, they will be parading around the yard saying "Look at me. I did it!" You will see your dog’s proud accomplishment when they pick up their Unbreakoball and bring it back to you for another round of fetch. The other guys can't make the same claim. They did not think of a dog wanting to play fetch with their toys. Only roll them around for a while till boredom sets in. Let’s take a look at the differences between our Trademark Unbreakoball Brand Toys and the "other guys" dog ball.


Company A

They make a ball that has been the mainstay on many large chain store shelves for a long time. As a matter of fact, before we invented the Unbreakoball our dogs had some of these dog toys. The newness will eventually wear off. Like it did for our dogs and the toy will sit in the yard undisturbed. We found these balls to be thin and easily chewed through over time. The average cost for one is $20+. They are comparable in size but not in weight or density to the Unbreakoball. Not to mention you will have to pay upwards of $7 and more to ship it to your home. Hmmm......


Company B

Another company that has been around a long time. Their product is almost identical to company A. Not much creativity there? Though they have made more attempts to provide their products to zoos and farms for larger type animals. Dogs is not their main target audience. Oh by the way, their dog ball toys are also $20+. The kicker on these dog balls is that the shipping. It will run as much as $10+ depending on your location?


Company C

A relatively new kid on the block. Again, same concept as the other guys. A dog ball without holes? Sure, they have a "flashy logo" and "nice packaging". But in the end, you the consumer will pay for that. These dog toys are pricey! Though they are slightly larger in diameter 12". The Big Daddy Unbreakoball is 10" in diameter. But even that shouldn't account for the price you will pay for these guy's dog toy. They will run you almost $40 and best of all you have to pay shipping on top of that. That's another $10.75+ depending on its destination? Whoever heard of paying $50 for one dog toy. Really... why not just keep buying cheap crappy toys and replace them when they break?


Okay so that being said, you will pay a lot of money for one of the "other guys" toys. Your dog will be able to push and paw at it till their heart explodes. But in reality, get tired of it and leave the "other guys" ball to spend the rest of its life in the corner of your yard covered in weeds, begging to be played with until you throw it away.

Now let's take a look at the Unbreakoball. It comes with a replacement guaranty (so do some of the other guys) but the difference is, we really do not want to replace it. We want your dog to be unable to play with it for many, many years. Our motto is "Buy it Once...Have it Forever". We truly want that for our customers! Secondly, we have a strict quality policy when it comes to the fabrication of our Unbreakoball brand toys. We make sure our dog ball has a heavier wall gauge (thickness) than our competitors. Not only is the Unbreakoball denser it is also much heavier & sturdier. We have processes in place to make sure our balls are thick enough and heavy enough to be approved for retail sale. We do not want you to buy anything that we personally wouldn't purchase for own dogs. Best of all our Unbreakoball dog toys have engineered holes throughout the surface. The holes are strategically sized and placed so your dog can Pick Up the Unbreakoball with their canine teeth. The relative size and placement of the holes makes it a fun challenging task that your dog will learn & enjoy playing with. We are not kidding when we say "Unbreakoball Master". Some dogs get it right away. Others dogs may take a couple of weeks to figure out how to grasp and carry our ball. But once they do, there will be no stopping them. In addition, unlike the "other guys". The Unbreakoball can be used as a treat dispensing toy. Place a small amount of your dog’s favorite treat inside the ball. Let them play with it. Knocking the Unbreakoball around until they get the delicious rewards inside. This not only teaches your dog to engage the Unbreakoball but also helps them get the hang of playing with it. Oh Yeah.. one more thing. The Unbreakoball will ship to you FREE of charge. That's right. Free to any U.S. Destination!


So, make an informed decision when you purchase your next ball for your dog. Get your dog a toy that they can actually play fetch and interact with. Get them a toy that is Tough yet Fun. Get them a toy that will hopefully be their favorite. Get them an UNBREAKOBALL dog ball!

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February 24, 2017

I have a new puppy (11-months) that is a pitt/bull-dog mix, Saffire, which I love but she loves to chew. So far most everything that I have given her has come back in pieces, after only a few minutes.

Physically she is medium to large sized, about 70 pounds, 18-inches at her shoulder, nose to butt 30-inches, with jaws 5-inches long.

Can you suggest anything that will last longer than a few minutes with her chewing? Also looking for something safe, if she happens to eat any pieces, I am afraid of some of the rubber toys.

Thanks so very much for your help.
AlyKat & Saffire….

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