The Virtually Indestructible Dog Ball

May 25, 2016

The Virtually Indestructible Dog Ball

Tough Dog Toys for all Breeds

Playtime is the single greatest factor in managing your dog’s behavior and ensuring his happiness. Without physical activity, your pet is in danger of declining health and contentedness, and you are in danger of losing your security deposit. Even the smallest dog, however, can mean big demands when it comes to choosing the right toy; from large pits to tiny terriers, they are all the descendants of strong pack hunters.

The Unbreakoball is simply the strongest dog toy on the market. If your best friend eviscerates stuffed animals, rips Frisbees in half and can finish off a nylon bone in a couple of hours, this virtually indestructible dog ball is the perfect way to keep him entertained and safe from the choking hazard of a broken toy. The 6” Original is 3 times the size of a baseball and is perfect for dogs under 70 lbs, while the 10” Big Daddy is roughly the size of a basketball and is recommended for dogs over 70 lbs.

Both of these tough dog toys are made in the USA, are available in black or orange, and will keep even the most destructive pet entertained for hours. They are also both hollow and have small holes that are perfect for gripping or for adding some of your dog’s favorite treats to play time. If your dog does manage. to break our pride and joy, we’ll even replace it for you.

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